Asthma doesn't have to stop people leading a fulfilling life, if it is managed well. But many people feel down when it's not under control. Join AAA, our partner Singapore National Asthma Programme (SNAP) and our supporters as we try to beat the asthma blues and celebrate the achievements of people with asthma — whether it's running a marathon or overcoming asthma in small ways every day.


For decades, the blue inhaler has been the most used treatment for asthma, providing quick relief when symptoms occur. But from 2019, the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) made fundamental changes to how asthma should be treated. This is the biggest shift in asthma treatment in 30 years. It will mean a significant change to many asthma patients who have been overusing their blue inhaler or not achieving good asthma control with the use of the blue inhaler only. Global guidelines now recommend anti-inflammatory preventer treatment for all asthma patients, targeting the underlying cause of asthma. In Singapore, one third of the hospitalisations for severe life threatening asthma was due to asthma patients who only used the blue inhaler. Half of them had mild asthma.

Asthma symptoms can limit physical activity or affect sleep. People living with poorly controlled asthma can feel lethargic or down. However, asthma can be controlled well with the appropriate management. When managed well, people with asthma can live healthy lives too.

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